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Khuram Dhanani

A Few Thoughts

Becoming an entrepreneur can give you control over your destiny, a profound sense of accomplishment, and the opportunity to express yourself in ways that can make significant changes in the way people live their lives, and choosing this profession also gives you the chance to become incredibly wealthy. Who wouldn’t choose this path? 

Well, most people. 

Most people are content to go to work where they know what to expect. Not being any more engaged than they have to be, they can leave the job behind at the end of the day, collect a predictable paycheck, and subscribe to a quiet, normal life. This doesn’t fit your persona because you’ve persisted with reading this book; being an employee that helps someone else fulfill their entrepreneurial dream just isn’t right for you. 

But it’s not enough to want to be an entrepreneur. You also have to take action. Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes.

The content of this book has illustrated many significant ideas you can now use, if you wish, to improve the quality of your life and achieve a lifestyle based on your financial freedom rather than living with the uncertainty of not having enough money to pay your bills, enjoy your life, and have sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement when you’re too old, bored or tired to work anymore.

Your opportunity for inventiveness and creative thinking is clearly present. We are at the dawn of the Digital Age and in 10 years, 20 years, we will all be astonished by how much our lives have changed because of the creativity and execution of thousands of entrepreneurs. Perhaps you’ve been inspired to become one of them, exploring the way we will gradually live our lives in the future, opening new doors for other entrepreneurs to also sculpt a new way of life that benefits individuals and perhaps the entire world.

There are no limitations except the limitations we choose to make. We are blessed with an active mind that has the ability to think of ideas and then materialize them into reality. The myth of needing to have prior experience, truckloads of cash, and a Rolodex of powerful associates is no longer necessary. The Internet Age invites you to start a business on a shoestring because all you need, really, is the power of your mind.

However, in your mind reside the beliefs that govern your thoughts and actions. These beliefs are likely the results of one of The 7 Clicking Points, and if this is the source of your motivation, then all our lives are made better because of your urgency to satisfy the unscratchable itch. 

Your beliefs are either the chains or the wings of your unlimited ability because whatever you choose to do, your actions are governed by your beliefs. This is why it’s so important to take an inventory of your beliefs and eliminate all that does not serve your best self, replacing them with a strong belief in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever goal you wish. You are also served by knowing your WHY because unless you have a purpose that’s fueled by your passion, the high tide of your success can only rise just so far and no more. 

The real message of this book is that you are the creator of your life and everything is possible. Whatever you imagine, you can create because it already exists in your mind and your mind is the channel through which all things materialize.

Take a moment to dream big, as big as you possibly can. Then, it’s time to create the dream in real time, in real life.

The time is now. A new world beckons. It’s yours to build, and yours to claim!

When you make a commitment, the way opens before you. You have everything you need … all you have to do is take the first step.

Take the step!


Khuram Dhanani
Khuram Dhanani
Khuram Dhanani