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Entrepreneurship / 07.09.2022

Becoming an entrepreneur can give you control over your destiny, a profound sense of accomplishment, and the opportunity to express yourself in ways that can make significant changes in the way people live their lives, and choosing this profession also gives you the chance to become incredibly wealthy. Who wouldn't choose this path?  Well, most people.  Most people are content to go to work where they know what to expect. Not being any more engaged than they have to be, they can leave the job behind at the end of...

Entrepreneurship / 06.09.2022

Part 1: The 2 Ingredients for Success Chapter 1: The Opportunity. We are in the midst of a technological revolution that is offering ample opportunity for entrepreneurs. As Internet access, and computer and smartphone ownership expand in emerging markets, these opportunities are multiplied. The same technological advances that have created the right moment for entrepreneurship have also made starting a business easier than ever. The best time to get started is right now. Chapter 2: Your WHY. Before you start your entrepreneurial journey, look within and find your WHY. Your...

Entrepreneurship / 05.09.2022

Well done! You’ve read the book and have now benefited by increasing your clarity about the path ahead and your trajectory as an entrepreneur. Everything presented is designed to propel you forward toward your self-sustaining financial success.  This final section is a quick review of what I think are all the significant elements that were presented and discussed in detail. Being an entrepreneur is not any easier or harder than anything else you decide to commit to accomplish, but it is a very unique profession. It is within your...