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Khuram Dhanani

Getting Started

Between 2019 and 2020, 2,251,000 people in the United States became millionaires.  Around 20% became millionaires through inheritance, and the other 80% are first-generation self-made millionaires.

Would you like to be a millionaire? In all of human history, there has never been a time so full of ripe opportunities. This book will show you why it’s possible for YOU and provides all the information you need to create your fortune. 

The purpose of this book is not to make you wealthy. Money is nice to have, but it only has value when it’s used properly. The real purpose of writing this book is to help you feel fulfilled, happy, secure, and free.

This book explains many important ideas that people like yourself, people who are thinking about going into business and becoming entrepreneurs, must know to achieve financial success as rapidly as possible.

Part 1 focuses on realizing the incredible opportunities available now, at the start of the Digital Age. This era is just beginning, similar to the time when cars and airplanes were first introduced. In those days, who imagined there would be freeways, airports, gasoline stations, in-flight magazines, lunar orbiters, and stretch limousines … All of these subsequent inventions and hundreds more were available for the entrepreneurs of their day to invent and monetize. 

Similarly, while it may seem that laptops and smartphones dominate our current lives, they are just the initial developments of the endless extent of technological products and services that will populate the years ahead. The truth is that none of us know the inventiveness we will witness in the next decade or two. Imagine telling someone in the year 1990 that a computer, telephone, answering machine, TV set, camera, video recorder, VCR, clock, calculator, stereo, flashlight, day planner, address book, and mailbox would soon all fit in a ¼” thick 3” x 6” machine that could access almost any information known to human civilization in a fraction of a second, and fit in your pocket.

Part 1 is also an enthusiastic call for you to identify your WHY or purpose in life. Without going into details here, knowing your calling is the essence of the value of your life.

Part 2 explains why there are no limits to starting an entrepreneurial enterprise. Because of the tools and services available through the Internet, many of them free or quite inexpensive, the old rules and limitations of starting a business have evaporated. 

The 7 Clicking Points in Part 3 may surprise you as you discover that every entrepreneur is motivated by a psychological force that propels them to seek success. This section of the book explores each of them, and you may recognize your own motivation for becoming an entrepreneur.

The information in Part 4 is especially helpful because you will learn about The 9 Laws of Entrepreneurship, each one a key element along your road to success. Having this knowledge will help you know what to do, and what to avoid, and gives good guidelines for guiding your enterprise with less turmoil so you can move more smoothly toward your goal.

Part 5 should prove very entertaining. This section of the book briefly follows the lives of some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Old Masters, mostly from the 19th and early 20th centuries, of them are brilliant examples of entrepreneurial success, and their lives illustrate and highlight the key principles of this book.

It’s not enough to make a fortune; you must also know how to preserve it and use it to your best advantage. The purpose of making money is not to continually make more money, but to know when it’s time to step off the carousel and live a life of real value with the financial freedom all your hard work has afforded you. This is the focus of Part 6.

The final section, Part 7, briefly summarizes the content of the ideas you’ve read so the material is easily and quickly available for your occasional review. Refer to this section from time to time to refresh your mind with the key points and important details presented and designed to guide you through, around, over, and under the obstacles that will only momentarily stand in your way.

The future is constantly barreling toward us, and it holds many presently unimaginable marvels. New inventions, new niches, new markets, new ways to do business, and a multitude of new opportunities are constantly being revealed. New ideas and innovations are constantly revolutionizing some aspects of the economy, making hundreds or even thousands of new millionaires in the process, and opening the door for others, like you, to follow. This becomes so commonplace we barely notice it anymore.

This book will show you where and how to look for wealth-generating entrepreneurial opportunities, what to do when you find them, and how to take advantage of this amazing period of time. 

The future is waiting for you, and all that is required is your commitment … and the first step. Are you ready?

Today is a good day to get started!

Khuram Dhanani
Khuram Dhanani
Khuram Dhanani