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Khuram Dhanani


Well done! You’ve read the book and have now benefited by increasing your clarity about the path ahead and your trajectory as an entrepreneur. Everything presented is designed to propel you forward toward your self-sustaining financial success. 

This final section is a quick review of what I think are all the significant elements that were presented and discussed in detail. Being an entrepreneur is not any easier or harder than anything else you decide to commit to accomplish, but it is a very unique profession. It is within your ability to inventory and assess your skills and talents, massage them to perfection, and use them to make a vast fortune so you can live life as you choose.

Of all the essential information you’ve read, if I were to advise you to focus your attention on just one idea, it would be this: Remember that your mindset is your most important tool. What you believe is what you think, and what you think is what you do. That’s why you must pay significant attention to your beliefs. It’s the beliefs that are established in your subconscious mind that control your progress. Anything you choose to do is possible when you believe you can and when your beliefs allow you to be successful. The choice is yours, always yours, to do and have what you wish. Mindset is everything.

When you look around and notice other people, you see a wide variety of choices people have made on how they wish to live their lives. Some people have amazing talents but choose not to use them, and others are challenged in a multitude of ways and yet they overcome the obstacles and achieve brilliant success.

This gives you the benefit of clearly seeing the truth about life. If you choose to be an entrepreneur at the level of Bezos or Gates, there is nothing stopping you. If you choose to have a comfortable life and enjoy your financial freedom, it’s yours to have. Whatever you wish is available, particularly now in the Internet Age where opportunity is as plentiful as leaves in the forest. All you have to do is believe.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly,                                                                 you cease forever to be able to do it.”
― J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan 

“In the journey of an entrepreneur, the most important thing is self-belief                     and the ability to convert that belief into reality.”                                                              ― Mukesh Ambani

Khuram Dhanani
Khuram Dhanani
Khuram Dhanani